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don’t let fear and jealousy cause you to hate people
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by Niamh Byrne

Ryan Cassata became a known name in LGBTQ community, when in 2009, aged 15 he appeared on the Larry King show to discuss his transgender
identity. Now aged 20 the singer-songwriter & motivational speaker who has successfully released seven records, performed at some of the…

check out this interview I did! :) 

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What Causes Me The Most Dysphoria (Lately)

Every once in a while I get really down on myself because of how “young” I look. Yesterday, I was out and about in SF and three times in five hours I was questioned about my age. The first time I was thanking somebody for volunteering and they asked me how old I was. Then proceeded to tell me that I look “about 10 and a half.” I don’t think that’s even true and it’s definitely not a compliment. Then while shopping somebody asked my friend how old I was. Then at a cafe where I was buying a soda (that happens to sell some adult toys, yeah very san francisco, I know) they asked to see my ID. When people ask for my ID to see if I’m at least 18 that doesn’t really bother me  much (I don’t mind looking 17 because it’s not very far from 20 and many 20 year olds look 17). It’s when they decide to go on to tell me that I look 10 or 12 or 14, or whatever… Why must you tell me how old you assumed I am?  

Then I get all in my head and I madly debate if I should on on hormones or not. Then I realize that there is NO good time for my voice to change because of upcoming album releases and long tours and other health issues. It’s just completely impossible right now and for a while and perhaps maybe forever. Eventually I realize that I don’t need to transition medically to make other people see me in a certain way. It’s about how I see myself. I know that I don’t look 10 and maybe one day I might even look my age. Hope. 

Sometimes it’s easy to brush it off my shoulders and sometimes it’s a little more difficult. Mostly, it’s more difficult when I’m bombed with a bunch of people asking about my age in the same day.

This is the shit that causes me the most social anxiety and dysphoria. And you know what, it happens within the LGBT community too. How many LGB and T people come up to me and tell me that I look young for NO REASON? …a lot. I don’t know what the purpose is. I’ve seen some of my other FTM trans friends cringe at this very thing. It’s harmful to the trans community. Anyway, some awareness needed to be spread about this and maybe a few people reading this will stop telling people that they look 12. Maybe I just look young compared to your cis-gender standards…Fuck stereotypes.   

I feel better now. Thanks for reading. 

End rant.

Anonymous asked: Is Songs For Alexis going to come (back if it's already been) to SF and the Bay Area?

I hope so! 

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Anonymous asked: Would u be down to give head to a guy?

this is definitely not how you pick up people 

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chiefwolf3 asked: Would you ever date a guy?

Someone asks me this question almost every week and the answer is yes.

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Anonymous asked: ***WOULD YOU RATHER**** lose your voice for a month OR No sex for 6months

I’d rather not have sex

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download this song for FREE! 

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I was featured in this radio recording last week along with skylarkeleven. Check it out. 

eyestofeelandwordstosee asked: Do you think It would be possible to buy your movie "Songs For Alexis" in the future ? I can't go to any of the screenings but I would really like to see it. Sorry for bothering you

I hope so! Stay updated here: https://www.facebook.com/songsforalexis 

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Anonymous asked: You're the cutest ever. Holy shit.

thank you :) 

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nonblogsense asked: Wow dude, modeling much? ;) xoxo


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broken-wings-thatfly asked: You are doing the selfie very right, very very right.


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Attempting selfies for those requesting selfies. Am I doing it right?

Attempting selfies for those requesting selfies. Am I doing it right?

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